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Do your clients struggle to change their behaviour?

Imagine if you could help them make sustainable lifestyle changes

Changing behaviour is hard. Providing information and encouragement is only part of the solution. Often clients know what they should do but struggle with the practicalities of doing it. Obstacles get in the way. They lack support and accountability.


We know your challenges. We've had them too. That's why we are passionate about training you to be a health coach.


Health coaching is a set of skills that helps you support and empower your clients to make sustainable behaviour changes as they take action towards the health goals that they choose for a happier healthier life.

At Accredited Health Coaching Australia we've designed our health coach training programs to be flexible, practical and full of opportunities to develop your skills. You will learn how to facilitate positive change that results in your clients getting the results they desire. 

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Designed for health professionals by health professionals

Shivaun Conn & Sharon Curtain
HCANZA Approved Program Provider

Short on time?

Creating Change in 15 minute consults is self paced so you can start learning right away.

This short course is ideal for general practitioners, practice nurses, and allied health practitioners working in the primary care setting who want to effectively manage clients who are struggling to adopt healthier behaviours.  Learn simple strategies and tools to support clients as they overcome ambivalence and take action. 

Our Courses - Get Qualified

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Mentoring & Assessment Shop

Offering professional support for your success

We want to support you to success.  Explore all the options from group mentoring to individual mentoring and HCANZA competency assessments.

Why Accredited Health Coaching?

High standards.  Expert facilitators.  Designed for you.

Health Coaching provides an understanding of the fundamental principles of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of effective coaching skills to enable sustainable behaviour change in order to achieve client centred health and wellbeing goals.


Accredited means ‘officially recognised as meeting the essential academic requirements’.


The essential academic requirements  we use for our courses at Accredited Health Coaching Australia are the key criteria and coaching core competencies set out by the Health Coaches Australian New Zealand Association (HCANZA), the first and only industry association of appropriately Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in Australia and New Zealand.  


Our goal is to empower you with the skills, experience and confidence to transform health behaviours and our Health Coach Training is designed to meet the high standards required for program accreditation by HCANZA. 


In addition, our courses are run by Shivaun Conn and Sharon Curtain, who have extensive experience as dietitians, health coaches and course writers. 


Accredited Health Coaching Australia offers courses to train you as a coach specialist as well as courses to bridge the gap and gain mastery to ensure you will be eligible for membership with HCANZA. 

HCANZA Approved Program Provider
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Thanks so much Sharon and Shivaun for the skills shared and opportunity to grow (both personally and professionally) through the Health Coach Mastery Course.  You guys are great teachers and role models of the skills required to support the mental and lifestyle changes that lead to greater health!

Emma, Lifestyle Medicine GP

I was so thrilled to learn new coaching skills that have been helpful with client consultations.  Not only has it increased customer satisfaction with the service, but it has also been fulfilling for me to use these skills to overcome any communication gaps and motivate clients to make positive changes. Thank you Shivaun and Sharon for offering such wonderful courses 

Gia, Dietitian

I really want to thank you both for putting together such a comprehensive and concise program. I have found it extremely valuable. I'm looking forward to seeing the impact it has on my business, though I can tell there has already been an impact on how I deal with people.

 Julie, Dietitian & Diabetes Educator

The Health Coach Specialist gave me the communication skills to help clients move forward towards making health behaviour changes. It bridges the gap between knowing and doing. Shivaun and Sharon have created a very interactive and enjoyable course where we practice regularly to ensure understanding and confidence in our new coaching skills. 

Kathy, Dietitian and Personal Trainer

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Contact us at or use the button below to find out more about Accredited Health Coaching.  We look forward to connecting!

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