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What is Health Coaching?: Welcome

Health Coaching

Client centred.  Partnership.  Empowering.  Effective.

Health coaching incorporates evidence based health behaviour change interventions and techniques, from behavioural medicine research literature, positive psychology, health and coaching psychology, athletic and performance coaching. 


It can be used in health promotion, prevention, early intervention and treatment and management of chronic conditions 

Health coaching is a collaborative partnership between a client and health professional. It is client centred and considers the client’s readiness to change.  


Health behaviour change interventions and techniques are used to support the client to identify a clear vision of what they want and and the actions they feel confident and ready to take. 

A health coach encourages self responsibility, autonomy and self efficacy (a belief that they have what they need). Clients are responsible for their own journey, and develop a curious and flexible mindset of trial and correction, learning, growth, compassion and positivity.


What is Health Coaching?: About

Health coaching in primary care


Health coaching is an integral part of lifestyle medicine that can be used to facilitate behaviour change in key lifestyle areas.  Familiarise yourself with the emerging discipline of health coaching and show its effectiveness in primary care in this article published in the Australian Journal of General Practice.

Accreditation - what does it mean?

In order to coach clients you need to have studied coaching. It is not enough to be a health professional, a fitness trainer or health passionate. Coaching is a specific set of skills, and competencies based on evidence based models of behaviour change.


Accredited means ‘officially recognised as meeting the essential academic requirements’.


The essential academic requirements are the key criteria and coaching core competencies set out by the Health Coaches Australian New Zealand Association (HCANZA), the first and only industry association of appropriately Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in Australia and New Zealand.  


Our Accredited Health Coaching Australia courses are designed to meet the high standards required for program accreditation by HCANZA. 


In addition, our courses are run by Shivaun Conn and Sharon Curtain, who have extensive experience as dietitians, health coaches and course writers. 

HCANZA Approved Program Provider
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