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We care

We are passionate about what we teach, and knowing that our courses make a difference is incredibly important to us. Our courses focus on the practical application of the coaching concepts and skills, so that graduates feel confident and competent to put their learning into practice.

Sharron Curtain


Just wanted to say thank you for the course. It was a well thought through course providing me with just enough content to digest each week. I'm so glad I decided to do the course, as I feel much better equipped to teach some of the concepts to my future dietetic students. 

Hattie Senior lecturer, Nutrition and Dietetics

I was so thrilled to learn new coaching skills that have been helpful with client consultations.  Not only has it increased customer satisfaction with the service, but it has also been fulfilling for me to use these skills to overcome any communication gaps and motivate clients to make positive changes. Thank you Shivaun and Sharon for offering such wonderful courses 

Gia, Dietitian

I really want to thank you both for putting together such a comprehensive and concise program. I have found it extremely valuable. I'm looking forward to seeing the impact it has on my business, though I can tell there has already been an impact on how I deal with people.

 Julie, Dietitian & Diabetes Educator

The Health Coach Specialist gave me the communication skills to help clients move forward towards making health behaviour changes. It bridges the gap between knowing and doing. Shivaun and Sharon have created a very interactive and enjoyable course where we practice regularly to ensure understanding and confidence in our new coaching skills. 

Kathy, Dietitian and Personal Trainer



The Accredited Health Coaching Team are a fantastic duo! They have great energy and make every live teaching session an occasion to look forward to. The content is comprehensive, the lessons are practical and the group discussions are stimulating. They also ran some bonus health coaching labs, where I was able to really refine my coaching skills. The best reward is that my clients are reaping the benefits and making positive behaviour changes.

Dr Maci



The course was easy to follow, provided you with face to face support and written resources, and encouraged you to collaborate with wonderful and like-minded individuals.

Gia, Dietitian



This presentation has really shown me how to approach goal setting, as this is one area that can be tricky. It has helped me realise the importance of developing the growth mindset of the children and praising every little step to help them gain confidence and motivation to achieve their goals.”

Training delegate

Did you know?

We offer customised training for your organisation and team members.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Image by Jeremy Cai

What's your goal?

Whether you want to increase your effectiveness, tweak your approach, enjoy your clients more, watch your clients enjoy greater success, offer a new service or even pursue a new career, our course can help you upskill or transform your current approach.

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