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How can you help a client who is feeling unmotivated?

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

How often do you hear ‘I just wish I could get motivated!’?

It’s a common challenge everyone struggles with.

Motivation is linked to how important the behaviour is to us, and to increase motivation we need to support the client to increase how important and personally relevant the behaviour is to them. Here are some simple tips:

Things you can ask them

  1. Rate how important the behaviour is, where 10 is extremely important and 0 is not important at all. Low numbers can mean there’s a lot of ‘I should…’ vs ‘I want to’

  2. How does the behaviour give them more of something they value?

  3. How can the behaviour help them live their healthiest, happiest life?

  4. How can the behaviour make them feel good?

  5. How does the behaviour fit with how they see themselves?

Clients will take action when they can connect the behaviour to a positive future, feeling good and an ideal vision of themselves.

Want to learn the secrets of motivation?

Study with us 😊😊😊

Health coaches

  • Empower clients to take responsibility for their health

  • Communicate in a way that allows their clients to feel heard and understood

  • Provide encouragement, support, guidance and accountability

  • Help clients use past experiences, preferences and values to create a clear picture of what they want and how they can get there

We’ve designed our courses to align with HCANZA criteria and completing these courses allow you to be nationally recognised in Australia and New Zealand.

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