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Wondering what’s the right health coach course for you?Here’s our tips for what you should look for.

Health coaching involves specific set of evidence-based skills that support clients to connect to motivation, identify obstacles and find solutions, all while promoting self-efficiency, self-belief and self-awareness.

If you’re thinking about studying health coaching or a course in behaviour change, we know you’re doing a lot of research and are possibly getting overwhelmed, wondering what the ‘right’ course to choose is.

Here’s our tips for what you should look for.

1) The course should be HCANZA approved

Health Coaches Australia New Zealand Association (HCANZA launched in 2020, and have set the gold standard, recognising the highest level of training. All their approved courses meet strict criteria. Find out more about approved programs here

2) You should get plenty of opportunities to practice.

You can’t learn to coach by watching, only by doing! Practice makes all the difference in all competence and confidence.

3) You should get feedback on your coaching from experienced trainers.

Experienced coaches can give you tips to improve your coaching and help you to refine your skills. Coaching in groups in great, however if you don’t have feedback from trainers, how will you know if you’re doing it properly?

4) Do the trainers have experience in the the industry and understand your needs?

As dual qualified dietitians and health coaches we know how important it is to be able to integrate two approaches and us these skills to increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

5) Look for courses that allow you to consolidate your skills over time.

You can’t learn coaching in an intensive weekend. You can get a whole lot of information, however you need opportunities to consolidate the learning.

We’ve designed our courses to align with HCANZA criteria and completing these courses allow you to be nationally recognised in Australia and New Zealand.

Want a course guide or to chat? Contact us at

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