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Want to be a 'Gold Standard' Health Coach?

HCANZA is raising the standard of Health and Wellness Coaching in Australia and New Zealand

Before the Health Coaching Australia New Zealand Association (HCANZA) launched in 2020, anyone could call themselves a health and wellness coach.

Now, HCANZA have set the gold standard of criteria for professional membership, recognising the highest level of training. All their approved courses meet the below strict criteria.

1. A minimum of 60 hours of learning in health and wellness coaching. 40 of the hours are live, synchronous learning and gives students the opportunity to experience peer to peer coaching around health and wellness goals with feedback from faculty members in real-time.

You can’t learn coaching by reading books and watching videos. We provide on the spot feedback with suggestions for improvement, and opportunities to learn with and from other students in small groups.

2. Students undertake a live practical assessment where they demonstrate foundational coaching concepts to a reasonable standard. They are assessed as pass/fail.

You complete an assessment of your coaching competency in the Health Coach Mastery

3. The facilitators are qualified in health & wellness coaching with a history of a minimum of two years’ experience in coaching clients themselves and hold a bachelor’s or higher degree in an appropriate professional health field.

We are dual qualified as dietitians and health coaches, and have extensive experience in health coaching and health coach training.

Our approved courses meet HCANZA requirements.

The Accredited Health Coaching Australia Specialist and Mastery courses meet the HCANZA criteria and completing these approved courses allow you to be nationally recognised in Australia and New Zealand.

Find out more about approved programs here and if you want a course guide or to chat? Contact us at

Sharon and Shivaun

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