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This practical, evidence-based training introduces you to a 5 step process to streamline your consultations. You will learn how to implement a true client centred approach, exploring motivation and obstacles and supporting clients come up with an action plan they feel ready to execute. 


This course is ideal for general practitioners, practice nurses, and allied health practitioners working in the primary care setting who want to effectively manage clients who are struggling to adopt healthier behaviours.  Learn simple strategies and tools to support clients as they overcome ambivalence and take action. 


Creating Change in 15 minute consults is self paced  so you can start learning right away.


Online training modules (videos, activities & workbook)
Downloadable handouts and client resources
Video demonstrations of coaching


What we cover in this training:
- The coaching mindset and principles
- Effective questioning and communication techniques to facilitate change
- Strategies to increase and maintain motivation
- Supporting clients to overcome barriers and challenges
- Exploring resistance and reluctance to change
- How to shift responsibility for action from the health professional to the client
- Supporting clients to set goals and take action


Incorporation of the health coaching framework into primary care can improve patient outcomes.


Lifestyle change can help prevent, manage and prevent progression of many lifestyle conditions. Health professionals in primary care play a vital role in providing support to clients with chronic conditions who would benefit from lifestyle change.


Health coaching increases the chances of patients implementing and maintaining health behaviour change, achieving better outcomes and greater satisfaction for both patients and practitioners. 


Run by Accredited Health Coaching Australia.

Creating Change in 15 minute consults

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