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Health Coach Specialist Training

Module 2

Module 2 looks at :

- The client-coach alliance and why communication matters

- Active listening: the key skills of Open ended questions, Affirming, Reflecting & Summarising

- Motivational Interviewing: the evidence based conversation style that explores ambivalence, motivation and strengthens commitment to change

eMODULE 2 overview

The eModule trainings cover:

  • 2.1 The Client - Coach Alliance

  • 2.2 Active listening

  • 2.3 Motivational Interviewing

The eModules conversations discuss:

  • Active Listening

  • Open vs Closed questions

  • Reflections & Summaries

  • Affirming vs Praise

  • Change talk vs Sustain talk


Module 2- Prework

Module 2- Key concepts

Module 2 Slide deck handout

Module 2 Additional resources

E-Module 2 Content

The videos below include your eModule trainings and eModule conversations.


All materials have been produced by Accredited Health Coaching Australia and subject to copyright. 

Materials may not be copied, duplicated or shared without express prior consent from Accredited Health Coaching Australia.

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