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Creating Change in 15 Minute Consults

Providing Information & Preventing Discord 

This topic looks at :

- Providing information and Education

- Causes of Discord

- Preventing Discord

The videos below include your webinar recording and videos to support your learning.

HC15 eModule Information & Education
HC15 e Module Discord
Ask-Offer-Ask! Supporting autonomy Motivational Interviewing - MI Center for Change

Ask-Offer-Ask! Supporting autonomy Motivational Interviewing - MI Center for Change

Sometimes I forget that I can’t make other people change. But I do know that when I forget that I don’t have the power to make other people change, I actually make it harder for them to change. Why? Because when I forget that I can’t make other people change, I fall into persuading, convincing, information giving, pleading, & arguing for the change. And what they inevitably do is argue against change. My dang efforts to help backfire. So what can we do? (Because we do care so very much and want to support them in change!) Ask-Offer-Ask (It’s a little formula!) Listen for more ! Weekly Blog: Sign up for free downloads and our weekly MI tips email Join our private Facebook group where we post regular videos, tips and resources on Motivational Interviewing: Connect with me on LinkedIn: Follow Me on Instagram: Tags: motivational interviewing, motivational interviewing training, mi training, motivational interviewing training online, motivational interviewing course, motivational interviewing trainer, motivational interviewing classes, motivation, mindset, empowerment, success, mental health, mental health care, authentic self, behavior change, peer support, Asheville, therapist, ptsd awareness, mindset, woman, women empowerment, entrepreneur, power, motivational interviewing, physicians, mental health, mental health advocate, bridge the gap, case manager

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Information Slide Deck 


As we progress through the course we will direct you to our resource centre for more downloads and client resources:

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