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A common misconception is that you can't change behaviour in short time frames, and health practitioners who work in primary care and clinic settings can feel that it's more effective and efficient to practice a traditional model.

Shivaun and Sharon, HCANZA-accredited Health Coaches and Dietitians, know the challenges health professionals face, as well as the simple changes that make a huge difference to client engagement, motivation and action. 


The free download below is a 'Key points' summary of the ASLM webinar and has a code for your discounts for the self paced course 'Creating Change in 15 minute consults' run by Accredited Health Coaching Australia.


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'Health Coaching tips to more efficient and effective'. 

Health coaching and behaviour change are a specific set of evidence based skills that support clients to connect to motivation, identify obstacles and find solutions, all while promoting self efficacy, self belief and self awareness.


In the videos below, Sharon and Shivaun demonstrate how to use the health coaching tools in your lifestyle prescription tool kit to more efficiently and effectively support your clients to begin to adopt healthier lifestyles.

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Want to learn the skills to help people change their behaviour? 

We've designed our course Creating change in 15 minute consults to give health practitioners tips and strategies to integrate the health coaching approach into their current service offering.

You can find out more about our self paced course below, or download our course guide summary.


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Sharon & Shivaun

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