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Designed for organisations who wish to upskill their staff.  Participants will be introduced to a toolbox of motivational interviewing, positive psychology, the transtheoretical model as well as health and coaching psychology to assist you in supporting your clients to achieve sustainable health behaviours and outcomes.



  • Online training modules - access immediately
  • Practical group training/mentoring sessions tailored for you

  • Toolkit of behaviour change skills

  • Downloadable resources 

  • Private peer support group

  • Assessment of competence and eligibility for full HCANZA membership 


Written and delivered by health professionals, Accredited Health Coaching Australia's courses have been designed to be fully online and flexible, supporting you with practical webinars to ensure you develop the core coaching skills.


Run by Accredited Health Coaching Australia.  HCANZA Approved Program Provider.



Health Coach Training - For Corporates

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