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  • Specialist Training

    Every week
    Learn the coaching skills and techniques to support clients
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Health Coach Specialist Training
    • 6 Week Course
    • 21 hours of Live Learning
    • 10 Training modules (self-paced)
    • Practice & Feedback
    • Handouts & resources
    • Private peer support group
  • Health Coach Mastery

    Every week
    Master the coaching skills, techniques and process
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Health Coach Mastery
  • Best Value

    Specialist & Mastery

    Every week
    Save with Specialist & Mastery training Bundle
    Valid for 20 weeks
    • All benefits of Health Coach Specialist Training
    • All benefits of Health Coach Mastery
    • Package discount pricing
  • 6 week payment plan - Specialist/Mastery

    Every week
    Pay off your health coach training in 6 weeks
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Health Coach Training Fees - Specialist or Mastery

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Note: Payment plans are not available on all courses.


In order to coach clients you need to have studied coaching. It is not enough to be a health professional, a fitness trainer or health passionate. Coaching is a specific set of skills, and competencies based on evidence based models of behaviour change.


Accredited means ‘officially recognised as meeting the essential academic requirements’.


The essential academic requirements are the key criteria and coaching core competencies set out by the Health Coaches Australian New Zealand Association (HCANZA), the first and only industry association of appropriately Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in Australia and New Zealand.  


Our Accredited Health Coaching Australia courses are designed to meet the high standards required for program accreditation by HCANZA. 


In addition, our courses are run by Shivaun Conn and Sharon Curtain, who have extensive experience as dietitians, health coaches and course writers. 


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