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At Accredited Health Coaching Australia, we've developed health coach training courses that incorporate evidence based health behaviour change interventions and techniques that promote self-efficacy, self-determination and self-responsibility.


You'll be introduced to a toolbox of motivational interviewing, positive psychology, the transtheoretical model as well as health and coaching psychology to assist you in supporting clients to achieve sustainable health behaviours and outcomes.

Written and delivered by health professionals, Accredited Health Coaching Australia's courses have been designed to be fully online and flexible, supporting you with practical webinars to ensure you develop the core coaching skills.

Health Coaching in Primary Care

Health Coaching in Primary Care

Learn effective strategies for facilitating behaviour change

Starts Tuesday 27th April, 2021

  • 8 Weekly Webinars (recording available on demand)

  • Practice coaching sessions and feedback

  • Downloadable handouts and client resources




Accreditation - what does it mean?

In order to coach clients you need to have studied coaching. It is not enough to be a health professional, a fitness trainer or health passionate. Coaching is a specific set of skills, and competencies based on evidence based models of behaviour change.


Accredited means ‘officially recognised as meeting the essential academic requirements’.


The essential academic requirements are the key criteria and coaching core competencies set out by the Health Coaches Australian New Zealand Association (HCANZA), the first and only industry association of appropriately Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in Australia and New Zealand.  


Our Accredited Health Coaching Australia courses are designed to meet the high standards required for program accreditation by HCANZA. 


In addition, our courses are run by Shivaun Conn and Sharon Curtain, who have extensive experience as dietitians, health coaches and course writers. 

Courses: Accrediation
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If improving patient outcomes and learning the latest science on behaviour change is something you are keen to pursue in 2021, register your interest here and we'll keep you in the loop.


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