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Does your team work with others to change behaviours? 

At Accredited Health Coaching Australia, we are experts in developing health coach training courses that incorporate evidence based health behaviour change interventions and techniques.


We offer a toolbox of skills and strategies using motivational interviewing, positive psychology, the transtheoretical model as well as health and coaching psychology.

Written and delivered by health professionals, Accredited Health Coaching Australia's courses and webinars support you to develop the core coaching skills with a focus on practical application, so you are better able to support clients to achieve sustainable health behaviours and outcomes.

We deliver keynote presentations, one-off webinars as well as online training modules supplemented with live webinars that can be tailored to your teams specific needs, Online modules provide foundational training while the webinars provide opportunity to practice skills, ask questions and workshop specific case studies and scenarios.

On-site or virtual delivery options are possible. Contact us to chat about your training needs.


Looking for training to upskill your team?

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