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TEST Health Coach Specialist - Aug 2024


6 Week Course - Part A. Foundation Skills. Start the online training as soon as you've booked! The Health Coach Specialist is ideal for both health professionals and non-health professionals who want to learn the foundation skills of coaching. It is also a perfect next step for those who have studied basic motivational interviewing. This course is ideal for health professionals, fitness professionals, those who are considering a career in health and/or are on their own health journey. - 4 weekly webinars - Saturday 11-4.30PM (Melb/Sydney time) - Online training modules - access immediately - Weekly webinars for coaching practice and group mentoring - Downloadable resources and coaching challenges - Private peer support group - ADDITIONAL THURSDAY NIGHT SESSIONS (7-8.15pm Melb/Sydney time) to recap and practice coaching skills What we cover in this training: Principles and mindset of health coaching - Health behaviour change principles, models and techniques - Coaching approach and mindset - Positive psychology and appreciative inquiry Relationship building skills - Foundations of empathy, trust and awareness - Encouraging curiosity and autonomy - Strategies for effective communication - Empowered listening and questioning Readiness to change - Assessing readiness to change behaviour/s - Communication strategies to match readiness - Tailored approaches to increase readiness Motivation and Importance - Strategies to increase motivation to change - Values and strengths identification - Addressing ‘sustain’ talk (the patient’s reasons for not changing their behaviours) and discord (disharmony in the relationship) Overcoming barriers - Assessing and planning for barriers - Enhancing facilitators of health change - Identifying gaps in support, skills and knowledge Supporting Patients to Set Goals and Take Action - Setting of SMART goals - Developing an action plan - Methods of tracking and evaluation - Review and follow up HCANZA Approved Program Provider.



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