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Run by Australian Health Coaching Austra


Health Coach Specialist Training


The Health Coach Specialist Training is a 6 session, 4 week program with live course calls taking place twice every week and corresponding pre-recorded training videos, downloadable handouts and resources.

Live calls will be held via Zoom on the following days:


Session 1: Wednesday 20th 11-3pm OR Saturday 23rd 11-3pm 

Session 2: Wednesday 27th 11-3pm 

Session 3: Saturday 30th 11-3pm 



Session 4: Wednesday 3rd 11-3pm OR Saturday 6th 11-3pm 

Session 5: Wednesday 10th 11-3pm 

Session 6: Saturday 13th 11-3pm OR Wednesday 17th 11-3pm

Use this Zoom link each week:


Course Content

We have created our course content in line with the ICF competencies. Upon completion of the specialist course you will be able to join HCANZA as an associate member. If you also complete the Mastery training you will be eligible for the Professional level membership, recognised at the highest level of Health Coach training.

The Coaching Approach & Mindset

Module 1 explores the health coaching approach, how it is different to the traditional 'expert' approach, how the coaching mindset creates the environment for change and introduces the behaviour change models that we use in health coaching.

Coach-Client Alliance & Communication 

Module 2 explores the coach-coach alliance and the foundation communication skills of active listening -open ended questions, affirming, reflecting, summarising, using silence and non-verbal cues. 

Increasing Readiness to Change

Module 3 explores the stages of change. You will discover the role of importance and confidence in readiness to change, how to assess readiness and tailor your strategies and communication to best support your client. 


Module 4 explores the different types of motivation, how connecting to values and imagining a positive future increases motivation and strategies that increase motivation.


Module 5 explores the external and internal barriers and facilitators to change, how recognising strengths, learning from the past and and reframing negative thoughts and beliefs can increase confidence.

Goal setting

Module 6 explores the process of goal setting, considering the client's readiness and all the factors that need to be considered to form an action plan for success.

The Health Coaching Process

Module 7 explains the health coaching process. From the initial discovery call, the introduction through to increasing readiness and goal setting, and how this is adapted for the different stages of change. 

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Module 8 looks at how disharmony or discord is created and the strategies you can use to overcome the sustain talk that you will often hear when clients express resistance to change.

Reviewing Client Progress

Module 9 explores how we review our client's progress. Whether they have taken action, taken some action or no action at all, the coaching approach is to learn from the past, explore with curiosity and non-judgement and revise the goal and the action plan to ensure the clients feels it is important and feel confident they can achieve it. 

Coaching in Action

Module 10 brings together all of the health coach specialist skills: discovering a client's reasons for coaching, establishing a vision, determining values, understanding importance, building confidence to overcome obstacles, goal setting and the process of conducting a review session.

Webinar recordings

All webinars are recorded and can be viewed here. 


As we progress through the course we will direct you to our resource centre for more downloads and client resources:

Resource Centre
About your trainers
Run by Australian Health Coaching Austra

This course is facilitated by Shivaun Conn and Sharon Curtain.


Shivaun is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Accredited Nutritionist (AN), Certified Trainer and Assessor, Director of Discovery Health Coaching and Vice President of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.  Read more about Shivaun here.

Sharon is a Dietitian, Certified Trainer and Assessor, Director of Accredited Health Coaching Australia, Professional Member of HCANZA, Owner of the Diploma of Health Coaching. Read more about Sharon here.


If you require support at any time during the course, please contact us at 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We also encourage you request access to our exclusive private Facebook group for current students of Accredited Health Coaching Australia.

This private web portal will be available to you for the duration of the course and 3 months afterwards.  Please ensure you download all resources prior to completion of the course.


All materials have been produced by Accredited Health Coaching Australia and subject to copyright. 

Materials may not be copied, duplicated or shared without express prior consent from Accredited Health Coaching Australia.

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